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Technion Australia

Technion Australia is part of a worldwide family of Technion Societies which support and actively participate in Technion activities and developments. Founded in 1957, Technion Australia's activities cover Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.

Mission Statement

We aim to establish a lasting relationship between Australian society and the Technion. We support the Technion in its mission to be at the forefront of the global network of science and technology, to be Israel’s top facility for science and technology (a role that is necessary for the future of Israel and to all humanity) and to be a centre of excellence in technical education producing leaders with strong professional ethics and sensitive to social and environmental issues.


  • To promote public awareness and knowledge of the Technion.
  • To foster academic and scientific exchange between Australia and theTechnion.
  • To encourage and facilitate student exchange between Australian universities and the Technion.
  • To aid the development and sustainability of the Technion through fundraising, including the provision of scholarships and funding of joint research projects.
  • To assist in the dissemination of Technion knowledge and foster joint projects with Australian commerce and industry.
  • To establish a vibrant and enduring membership and volunteer structure.
  • To be an outstanding organisation of best practice.

Our activities

To meet our strategic objectives some of the activities we undertake are:

  • Information evenings for members and supporters with visiting Technion academics – unique opportunities to hear firsthand about the break through, world leading research undertaken at the Technion;
  • Seminars for business and researchers with visiting Technion academics – tailored opportunities for  businesses interested in exploring commercial opportunities and academics wishing to establish networks and explore collaborative possibilities;
  • Assisting with the establishment of agreements for academic and student exchange between the Technion and Australian universities;
  • Facilitating academic and student exchange through practical and financial assistance;
  • Fundraising through events and one to one discussion.