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Established in 1924, the Technion is Israel’s oldest university, and its top university for science, engineering and technology. It has played, and continues to play, an essential, key role in laying out the country’s infrastructure and establishing its crucial, high-tech, scientific, industrial and defence industries.

The student population is 12,856of which 25% are post graduate undertaking studies and research in 18 academic departments.

Some of the Technion’s exceptional achievements have included:

  • 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of Quasiperiodic Crystals – a new class of materials.
  • Establishment of the Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute in New York.
  • 2004 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of the crucial role of ubiquitin in the process of protein breakdown in cells.
  • DNA strands to assemble a conductive wire 1,000 times thinner than a human hair.
  • Design, build, and launch their own satellites. The student designed Gurwin TechSat II microsatellite was successfully in orbit from from 1998 – 2010.
  • Lempel/Ziv Algorithm has become an international standard for data compression.
  • Genetic proof that all Jews belonging to the Cohen lineage are descendants of the biblical high priest Aaron Hacohen.
  • Low-cost method for electricity production and water desalination based on cooling hot desert air in a 1,000-meter high, 500-meter diameter tower.
  • Rasagaline -- a new anti-Parkinson's disease drug.
  • Transforming the applications of light waves in high-tech industries through powerful new insights into solitons in photonic lattices.
  • “Millipede,” a software program using clusters of personal computers to perform complex calculations.
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